Various pics, vids and posts showing how inferior sub males should serve an alpha male.
This blog is obviously NSFW, and is intended for those 18+ - but come on if you're younger than that, who is going to stop you?
Any fags that want to send me a tribute, I'll accept them and might give you some reward for it. Ask me a question, any question and I'll respond.


ukitena asked
Sir, this permanently locked slave fag thanks the Alpha for the great blog Sir!

Good boy!  I bet you make your Superior proud by staying permanently locked!  That’s my ultimate goal to find a boy who will submit to me, locking his cock until I want to free it.




I get a lot of stupid questions from faggots and want to clear up the RIGHT and wrong way to ask/approach an ALPHA. Here is a starter list.

Wrong “I need to get fucked”

Right “SIR, my cunt is clean and available if You are in the mood to use it, SIR.”


"Can you arrange a gang fuck for me…

Teaching stupid fags how to ask questions respectfully?  Hell yeah I can get in on this, bro!

WRONG: “Hey how r u? I wanna be ur fag slave cause ur a dominate master.”

RIGHT: “SIR, please allow this lowly fag to introduce itself. it lives in Your area and is available most weeknights and weekends for a variety of sexual, erotic, domestic and personal services for a Dominant Alpha Male such as Yourself.  This fag would be both honored and humbled if You would consider making use of it at Your leisure; it will gladly submit to any interview or screening process You desire. Thank You for Your time, SIR.”

WRONG: “Too bad You live so far away. There’s no good Doms here.  Maybe You can buy me a ticket to come visit?”

RIGHT: “SIR, our conversation has been very stimulating and i would be honored to serve You.  If it would please You, i can begin saving money for a plane ticket to come for an initial interview and the potential opportunity to serve.  In the meantime, i would like to do whatever is in my power to make your life easier and more fulfilling from a distance; I am available as a virtual assistant, recruiter (for your stable of fags), market researcher, and proofreader/editor. Thank you for your consideration, SIR.”

WRONG: “i’m new i need to be trained train me please sir”

RIGHT: “SIR, i am still learning how to properly serve as a fag. Although i have read several manuals on submissive service, i believe my skills could be properly honed by a Man such as Yourself. If it would please You, i would like to submit myself to You for training. i recognize that this would be an investment of time, energy and patience on Your part: a priceless gift to a fag like me.  If You would honor me with Your instruction, I promise to work my hardest to descend deeper into my faggotry so i may better serve You.  Thank You, SIR.”

WRONG: “I’m looking for a Dom who can help me live out my elaborate fantasy of an upside-down shibari suspension combined with wax play, water sports, nipple clamps, CBT, and fisting, all while dangling from a skyscraper with a cello quartet playing hungarian electro-folk opera in the background.”

RIGHT: “SIR, please allow me to meet Your needs, follow Your commands, quench Your thirsts, and satiate Your desires. my list of limits is short and my craving to serve is endless.  Thank You, SIR.”

Keep it going, fellow Alpha Men!  If We don’t teach the little faggots, who will?

Nice additions brother.

kinkdan asked
Not a question Sir, just wanted to thank You for teaching us that Your Cock is all that matters. Hope You have found Your cocksucker.

Good boy!  Of course my cock is all that matters!  This is exactly why a sub’s cock should be locked in a good cage!  Still searching for a sub that isn’t a fucking “fantasy fag” or a one time bitch who does it to play out some fantasy, but things like this take time!

jimmyjam72 asked
Love this hot great blog! I'm a white submissive married male and love this lifestyle. It's who I am and what I wasads to do... serve an Alpha Male. Keep up the good work

Good that you are able to explore your submissive side completely.  Real men need subs like you to serve them all the time.  I’ll keep posting to help all the subs out there expand their knowledge and limits!

slavemattjb73 asked
Please Sir can this pathetic faggot follow you please Sir it will understand if you don't want it to follow you Sir

All fags should follow me (including you!) - it’s a learning experience and it will only expand the fags ability to perform and serve for a real man.

diapersnboys asked
Im a fag diaper boy, I want to be mouth fucked as I piss my diaper

I’m not particularly into the diaper fetish, but I am into properly fucking a boys throat until he gags over and over again.  If you had a willing throat I would overlook the diaper.

vegasguy7714 asked
Sir, thank you for posting such hot pics about how fags like me should be used, abused and controlled. This fag loves your page

Fags like you should love my page!  Keep being a good boy and you’ll get some more posts as a reward soon.

dantamarofficial asked
Hello What chastity devise is best for You? Best locked / best confort Thanks DAN

I think the clear Holy Trainer V 2.0 with the integrated lock seems to be the best for longer term chastity - more comfortable and not as noticeable.  

Sub puts on his chastity device quickly.

(Source: ct9home)

I’m a big fan of almost all chastity blogs and usually will follow yours if you follow mine!

I’m a big fan of almost all chastity blogs and usually will follow yours if you follow mine!

Some great posters I found this morning!

The sub will make his ass available whenever and wherever the Dom wants.

The sub will make his ass available whenever and wherever the Dom wants.

This Dom knows what he’s doing.

This Dom knows what he’s doing.

No more free morning erections for you faggot!

No more free morning erections for you faggot!

Exactly - seems like a good fit to me!

Exactly - seems like a good fit to me!